Are You Scared of Spiders?

Spiders are not only one of the most unpleasant household pests, they can also be deadly. Among being unpleasant and potentially poisonous, spiders can get out of hand rather quickly, with each of their egg sacs containing hundreds of eggs. Whether it is their eight hairy legs, eight beady eyes, or the fact that they manage to show up without a hint of warning, there are very few people who get excited when they see a spider in their home, let alone four hundred of them. Lucky for you, we put together three ways to help you fight your spider infestation.

prevent spiders by vacuuming

1. Regularly Vacuum Your Home

Sticking to a regular schedule to vacuum your home is a great spider repellent. Although it only takes (on average) one hour for a spider to spin its extravagant web, spider eggs have an average incubation period of two to three weeks. These spider eggs are stored in an “egg sac,” woven silk which is hidden on webs when it is not attached directly to the female. Destroying these egg sacs is very essential to keep your spider problem from getting out of control because each sac normally contains hundreds of eggs. If just one of the many egg sacs hatch, then it can turn a minor spider problem into a complete infestation.

simple way to prevent spiders

2. Minimize Outdoor Lighting

Bug zappers are designed to draw in flying pests using light, this is why minimizing outdoor lighting is a great way to lessen your spider problem. This deterrent works exactly opposite of the bug zappers; instead of using light to attract pests, minimizing that light will lessen the attraction of these unwanted visitors. Making sure your blinds are closed and you do not leave any inside lights on is effective, but most importantly turning off your porch light when you go to bed. One of the quickest ways for bugs to enter our homes is when we open the doors at night and the light flooding out from inside will attract any and every bug within eyesight, or the bugs already attracted by the porch light will ever your home once there is an opening.

easy way to prevent spiders

3. Remove Unnecessary Objects From Around Your Home’s Exterior

Have you ever gone outside and moved a flowerpot or an old toy? If you answered yes, odds are there were loads of critters on the underside. Spiders love these stationary objects because they can be used for building webs, either building between these items, or using them to connect to your home. Removing these objects from outside your home is another great way to make spiders feel very unwelcome to your home. Without a stationary object to build their web, spiders can not survive, since their webs are so paramount for catching their prey. Because they will not be able to spin a web, they will move on.

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