Grill Cleaning Tips

Grill Cleaning Tips

Grill Cleaning

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Grill Cleaning Made Easy

Don’t start your summer off on the wrong foot with a dirty grill! We have gathered some expert opinions on grill cleaning. For some people, if your grill has not been used in a while it is important to give it a Top-to-bottom inspection. Your grill has many parts, it is critical you make sure everything is working properly first. 

Now it is time to get down and dirty! You are going to want to clean your grill from the inside out. To begin with, want to remove all debris from the grill itself followed by checking all flame tamers and burners for clogs. Once you have gotten all residue out of the grill itself, you want to make sure your grates are clean. If your grates are difficult to clean due to the build-up of rust and other residues, you may want to replace them to ensure that you’re getting the cleanest grill possible. If your grates are manageable, you want to use a stainless steel brush to clean them. You can even soak your grates overnight if a deeper clean is necessary. Creating the solution is easy, you mix two cups of vinegar and one cup of baking soda. All leftover residue should come off easily after soaking overnight.

Next, you are going to move to clean the exterior of the grill. Grill surfaces are made of different materials, so make sure you are using the right grill cleaning tools! Lastly, you want to ensure that all your grilling tools are clean as well. Some may need replacement or a good overnight soak. Follow previous instructions to create a cleaning solution for your grilling tools.

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