Healthy Lawns

healthy lawns

A Lawn That Gives Back

Everybody wants to have a healthy and clean looking lawn but did you know there are also many things your lawn can do for the environment and your neighborhood? With proper care, your lawn can be a natural air filter that reduces pollution and temperature. Healthy lawns are important!

What Can Healthy Lawns Do For You?

A healthy lawn is a sustainable factor in our environment that traps CO2. Your grass soaks up carbon dioxide and releases oxygen into the air. Grass not only soaks in CO2 but it traps it just like it traps dust and many other harmful things in our air. Taking these harmful components out of our air can have many long-term effects on human life and our environment.


Almost half of all solar heat is counterbalanced by natural lawns with cooling evaporation. Having a healthy lawn can have a direct impact on your home cooling needs. Ten natural grass lawns contribute to an estimated 114 tons of air conditioning.


 It is important to keep your grass alive and healthy so that it can be a natural contributing factor to our environment and your life!