Green Army is an Authorized Swisstrax dealer. Swisstrax isn’t simply flooring. It lays the foundation for the finest garages in the world. Engineered to be professionally installed, modular Swisstrax tiles can be configured to feature selected custom color combinations. Best of all, it’s durable, easy to maintain and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Transform your space today. You’ll be floored.

Ask & We Answer

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a four-post car lift on Swisstrax tiles?

Absolutely, Swisstrax tiles can handle the weight of a four-post car lift, however, it is not recommended. Reason being the polypropylene tiles expand and contract. Even though the tiles can handle the PSI of the lift, we recommend cutting around the posts, to allow for the expansion and contraction

Will Swisstrax fade?

All our premium polypropylene products are 100% UV stabilized with color pigment mixed into our material prior to our 4-point injection molding process.

What is the best tile to use in a garage?

Every garage is unique. The best tile will be the tile style that will fit your individual needs. Factors that play into choosing the perfect tile style for your garage will be things such as climate, application size, preferred aesthetics and any auto mechanics that may be performed.The tile we install is currently the polypropylene Swisstrax Ribtrax product line. Your personal flooring specialist is the best resource to use when making the final decision on functionality.

Who installs the floor?

Our Green Army Clean division’s team is an authorized dealer of Swisstraxandcan install a standard two-car garage in approximately 4-5 hours.We recommend a separate quote for a simple garage cleaning, or deep clean with trash, donate and keep garage items, prior to installing your selected flooring system.

How long has Swisstrax flooring been around?

Designed with the finest Swiss engineering over 20 years ago, Swisstrax was brought to Southern California in 2005, where it has been owned, manufactured, and managed since.

Why is it called Swisstrax?

To this day, the 4-point injection tile molds are Swiss designed and engineered.

Can you turn vehicle tires on your tiles?

Vehicles in motion roll over Swisstrax with ease. Our recommendation is to not turn the tires fully while the vehicle is stationary, as this puts a lot of stress on our patented connection system.

Are Swisstrax tiles chemical resistant?

AllSwisstrax flooring are resistant to oils, solvents, hydraulic fluids, skydrol and more.