Bugs That May Be Living In Your Home

Bug-Free Zone

Everybody knows that a bug-free home leads to a happy home with fewer problems. What most people don’t know is what types of bugs may actually be living in your home.

Our Green Army experts have identified a list of common household bugs and some tips on how to get rid of them!

The Bugs That Bug 

Dust Mitesbugs dust mite

Dust mites may be the most common bug that is practically in every home. Dust mites feed on dead skin which causes a major problem for us. These microscopic bugs thrive in homes pretty much anywhere and everywhere. It is impossible to eliminate all of your homes dust mites but you can absolutely reduce their numbers. Things like frequently cleaning carpets and floors eliminate dust and remove dust mites from your floor areas. You also want to make sure you clean your sheets and bedding often. Dust mites love a dirty bed! Lastly, you are going to want to keep your furniture clean and dust-free.

Fruit Fliesfruit fly bug

Fruit flies are another common household pest that is undeniably a nuisance. Fruit flies are known for their ability to reproduce at an alarming rate. If you do not quickly take care of fruit flies things can get bad real quick. Fruit flies are mainly attracted to sugar and sweet things. But any food left out is an open invitation for these bugs. You want to make sure that you keep all your foods properly stored and not left out. Wiping down all surfaces with disinfectants also helps prevent fruit flies from swarming around your home. There are many home remedies for fruit fly traps but it is recommended that you purchase trusted products so you can get the job done effectively!


The bug that makes everybody squirm… the invincible cockroach. Cockroaches are known for their resilience and pure fight for survival. People all over the world have had the experience of thinking they’ve gotten rid of roaches in their home but only find more later on. When it comes to cockroaches, you always want to stay on the prevention side before things get out of hand. Once these pests enter the home they can be very difficult to remove and eliminate.

Cockroaches like to hide and nest in small, dark, and moist places. Some examples of these spots are places like underneath your fridge, stove, sink, behind toilets, and then your basic home nooks and crannies. You want to lay insecticides in these areas of your homes, preferably products that are guaranteed safe for your family and pets. Roaches are attracted to food and smelly trash. Make sure you are keeping your food stored, taking your trash out daily and keeping your home clean.

Silverfishsilverfish bugs

Silverfish is another bug that is known for its resilience and pure will to survive. While silverfish are not necessarily harmful to humans, they are definitely not a bug you want in your home. The silverfish feeds on your furniture and clothes! They also love to feed on things like cardboard boxes and paper. Be sure to reduce their food source by removing any boxes or newspapers that may be lying around your home. Keeping out of season clothing in bins is also a great way to prevent these bugs from feeding on your clothes.

There are many methods for removing silverfish from your home, it is best to try different options to find what suits your home best!

Bedbugsbed bug

Bedbugs are a pest that can cause homeowners some serious issues. An adult bedbug is close to the size of an apple seed and can be identified by their brownish color and oval shape. These tiny pests can fit into very small spaces with their flattened bodies. Well, these bugs do have a reason for their name after all. Bedbugs favorite places to hide are in your mattress, bed frame, and box spring. This doesn’t mean they just stick to the bed. Once bedbugs find their way into your home they can spread quickly to other hiding places like couches and furniture.

The main reason bedbugs are so problematic is that they bite. The bug survives by feasting on blood, this means they will do anything they can to get in your home. Some bites can be painless but others can quickly turn into red and inflamed bumps.

Prevention tactics include keeping your bed, clothing and linens clean. Keep in mind that some cleaning products are better for prevention than others. It is also important to vacuum your bedroom and other areas of your house frequently. There are even bed covers that you can purchase to help prevent bedbugs!


If your bug problems persist you can always contact our Green Army professionals to take care of it for you!