How to Identify Garden Pests

What are Garden Pests?

A pest is considered a “pest” if it causes significant damage economically or aesthetically. There are many insects that feed on plants in your garden but not all are considered garden pests.

Deciding what insects you want in your garden can be tricky. As mentioned before many insects feed on plants but are not considered harmful or cause significant damage to be deemed a pest. In a way, it sometimes is up to the owner of the garden. It takes assessing your garden to find out what insects are doing real damage and harm.

Why it is Important to Identify Garden Pestsgarden pests eating

The simple answer is that there are so many beneficial insects out there that you do not want to kill! On the flip side, there are also many that we consider pests and want gone for good!

Figuring out how to identify garden pests can save your plants in the long run. That is the goal after all, right? There is more than just identification. Once you learn to identify your garden pests, you can soon start to educate yourself about them.

The Basics

Knowing the basics about common garden pests can drastically help identification. First of all, you want to identify pests that are causing the majority of your garden problems. Understanding things like ceratin pests lifecycles and breeding grounds is essential to solving the problem.

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Physical Description Identifying garden pests

This will require some extra education but identifying pests by their physical description can be very useful.

Type of Plant

Certain pests prefer different plants to feed on. There are many guides available that can help you further identify what is eating your plants.

Type of Damage

pests in garden

The type of bite marks and damage these pests leave behind are excellent indicators of what exactly it is.



Take Control!

Now it is time to get to work so that you can make sure your garden is pest-free!