Included Services

Planning for the perfect pool

A pool is one of the most prominent features in a backyard, and it should look exactly the way you want. Green Army takes the planning phase of pool building seriously because we want to know exactly how we can transform your backyard into a destination you’ll love, perhaps with a waterfall and spa or even a firepit and grill station. We get excited about brainstorming the possibilities with you; bringing your dream to life is fun for us too.

Design process

The design phase of a pool build is important because it ensures that you know you’re getting exactly what you want and opens up the possibility of new ideas. Our designers consider trends, the aesthetic of your property, and all your ideas to bring something together we know you’ll love. They’re versatile: capable of designing decking, outdoor living areas, water features, and even landscaping that fits together in a perfect design that you can see and get excited about before we ever start building.

Build process

Our pool builders are highly professional and take the worry out of a large-scale build project like installing a new pool. They’re exacting and thoughtful as they consider all possible liability issues related to things like excavation, steel reinforcement, and plumbing. Our builders work with our designers to make sure that everything from decking to coping is brought to life exactly the way you envisioned. We’re also the guys who know how to maintain pools, so setting up and choosing the right types of equipment for your particular pool is done with an eye toward minimizing repair costs down the road.

Finishing right

A pool installation isn’t complete if the rest of the backyard doesn’t look great. After your pool is installed, we complete the picture with the final touches we discussed during the design process, including things like decking, lighting, and landscaping. Once we’re done, you’ll be able to reclaim your backyard and sit outside at your new firepit next to your pool on a cool fall night, surrounded by friends and family.

Other Pool Services