Pool Installation

An in-ground swimming pool is one of the few home amenities or upgrades that adds value and excitement to your property.

A pool can transform your simple backyard into an oasis that everyone can enjoy.  

Green Army’s professional construction team and landscape designers will handle everything, from the concept, design, down to the pool installation itself. 

We work with you to design a layout made specifically for your home and style. Green Army can also work on decking, lighting, and landscaping that would match the pool design you want. 

Green Army’s team has the talents, expertise, and experience needed to meet and achieve your dream pool. We will assist you with your new pool installation project, no matter how challenging. Our mission is to make our customers’ pool installation experience as seamless as possible, and keep them updated all throughout the process.

Here are What You Must Know Before Getting A Pool Installed In Your Backyard

Pool Size and Shape

Size and shape are determined by the requirements, budget, available space, and design preferences. 

Location of the Swimming Pool

Many pool owners choose to have their pool built near their kitchen or family room. This allows easy entry to the house which makes bringing food and drinks out as well as cleaning up afterward much easier. From inside the home, it’s even easier to keep an eye on the pool. A somewhat isolated pool, on the other hand, has the impression of a summer getaway but within your property.

No one would worry as long as the pool is connected to the house by a straight, well-lit path and has a large pool deck with outdoor furniture and a grill.

Pool Construction Methods

Today’s pools are often made of vinyl, fiberglass, or concrete (known as wet shotcrete or Gunite, based on how it’s blended and applied). Pools made of poured concrete and concrete blocks are no longer common. Over shotcrete or Gunite surfaces, a plaster finish is troweled over.

Pool Decking

A pool deck may be made of poured concrete, stone, brick, tiles, or any type of pavers. Wood may still be used, although it requires more maintenance, is vulnerable to splinters when damp, and requires more upkeep. The pool deck, which will be used for lounging, sunbathing, and eating, will certainly be more useful than the pool!

Swimming Pool Maintenance

The cost of a new pool doesn’t just end with its construction, you should also maintain your pool in order to avoid minor issues to turn to major problems. 

Pool Safety

Have a fence around the exterior of your pool in your plans. Take precautions to keep children away from the water while an adult is not nearby. Self-closing, self-latching, and lockable gates are ideal. Door, gate, and pool detectors, as well as anti-entrapment drain covers and secure pool covers, should all be installed. 

Everyone who uses the pool should learn to swim, and at least one family member should be qualified in CPR, first aid, and emergency response.