Attics can be an ideal place for pests to build their nests because it provides building materials like your insulation. Insulation is important in maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home.

To keep unwanted pests out of attics and walls, use pest-resistant insulation. This insulation serves a dual function because it also protects against pests, resists heat, and lowers your energy bills. 

The Importance of Insulating Your Attic

Saves you money

A well-insulated home saves not only electricity but also money.  It’s an investment that will pay off well after the installation is complete.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

With proper insulation, you can avoid the health risks associated with spores, mold, or mildew growth in your home. It will also save you money on maintenance in the long term.

Reduces Electricity Consumption

Insulation keeps warm air out in the summer and indoors during the winter, thus reducing your electricity consumption.

When to Change the insulation in Your Home

  1. Worn out or Old Insulation
  2. Water damage
  3. Air duct damage
  4. Mold and mildew
  5. Pest and rodent infestation

What is Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose insulation is a form of loose insulation produced from recycled post-consumer paper.

Green Army specializes in quickly removing any type of old attic insulation and installing cellulose insulation. The cellulose insulation we install is treated and will actually kill some pests and deter others from nesting in the attic. 

The treatment also resists the growth of fungus and can even help prevent the spread of flames in the case that your house catches fire. 

Why Use Cellulose Insulation

  1. Environmentally Friendly
  2. Biodegradable
  3. Energy Efficient
  4. Reduces Noise Level
  5. Boric acid, borax, or aluminum sulfate used in cellulose insulation provide resistance to mold, pests, and fire.
  6. When cellulose is blown into stud cavities, it gets into most of the spaces & corners

If you are looking for professional help to assist you in maintaining a pest-free home, call Green Army today! Our insulation not only keeps cold air in, but it also helps control pests from taking over your attic.