Landscape lighting is an important feature of any home because it not only makes your home beautiful at night, it’s an investment in safety and security. Using pathway lighting, hanging lights, solar lights, and more, we love creating beautiful designs that emphasize your home’s features. 

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We listen to what you say about the parts of your yard you want to use in the evenings and suggest lighting solutions that will bring to life your dream outdoor space.


Lighting can help keep your backyard from being a dark place at night. Green Army Lighting brings your backyard environment to its full potential. From up lights on trees to ground walk way lights and LED lighting in and around your patio helps improve your yard and improves your property value.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will adding landscape lighting make my electric bill go up significantly?

Most of the fixtures we use are commercial-grade low-voltage LED lights that require very little electricity. Even if you install a large array of outdoor lighting, it typically will have a minimal impact on your electric bill.

Will installing landscape lighting damage my lawn or landscaping?

No. When it’s done correctly, installing landscape lighting poses little or no risk of damaging your lawn or landscaping. Our professional installers know how to install outdoor lighting correctly. They will be careful to bury all wiring properly, both deeply enough and in areas where it won’t damage anything or cause problems in the future.

We’re also careful to use high-quality products as they were designed to be used. In-ground lights, for example, must be installed flush with the ground so lawn care won’t be impeded and won’t harm the lighting.

Will I have to turn my landscape lighting on every night and off again later?

No. We’ll design your system so that it automatically turns on at dark and turns off at whatever time you’ve decided on.

What should I do if the system doesn’t come on when it’s supposed to or a lamp burns out?

Just let us know. We’ll promptly send a trained, qualified technician out to fix the problem. We’ll replace all burned-out lamps at no cost for the first year. And, of course, we’ll determine the cause of any system failure and fix it.