The importance of outdoor lighting is often overlooked. It makes your home more secure, lets you enjoy your yard past sunset, and increases the aesthetic impact of your home during the holidays or year-round. When it comes to outdoor lighting, Green Army has you covered. We professionally install and take down all high quality low voltage holiday lighting, landscape lighting, bistro lighting, and more. Note: The Green Army Lighting Division complies with Class 1, 2 & 3 Limited Voltage Lighting by State. RAILS #1225

Included Services

Holiday Lighting & Decor

We do more than simply hang holiday lights. Our designers are in tune with the latest trends and also welcome your ideas into the design process to make your holiday dreams a reality.

From start to finish, our decoration professionals provide custom design recommendations for your style and budget to make sure your property is at its holiday best. Green Army uses the highest quality low voltage lighting process with LED lighting systems.

Landscape Lighting

Turn your yard into the romantic paradise you’ve always dreamt of with the help of Green Army. From low voltage pathway lighting, to hanging bistro lights, and more, we’ve got you covered from start to finish. Utilize our team for the design process, all the way through execution to make sure that your low voltage LED lighting is done the right way!

Permanent Lighting

Green Army is your source for installing the lighting around your home or business to make sure you are creating the best function and mood for each key areas on the exterior of your home or business. We pride ourselves on having completed entire buildings with low voltage high quality LED lighting on buildings and other key uplighting for accent and high quality looks that are stunning. We can completely revamp and upgrade any home or business with our lighting process and designs.

Other Lighting Services