Over time, rodents and other pests will nest in your attic insulation. They are attracted to certain types of insulation, especially those that hold moisture like fiberglass. The more they begin nesting in the insulation, leaving droppings and sheddings, the more other pests will be attracted to do the same, attracted by the smell. It is not uncommon for a colony of rodents to establish itself in the warm, malleable material.

Green Army specializes in quickly removing any type of old attic insulation and installing cellulose insulation. The cellulose insulation we install is treated and will actually kill some pests and deter others from nesting in the attic. The treatment also resists the growth of fungus and can even help prevent the spread of flames in the case that your house catches fire. Cellulose is a more eco-friendly option for insulation since it is made out of recycled materials. As an added bonus, cellulose actually works better at actually insulating your home than your old fiberglass insulation, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t make the switch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are signs that I need to replace my insulation?

There are a number of signs that your insulation needs to be inspected for replacement including:

  • Pest urine stains and fecal matter around the attic, or the smell of either. This is an indicator that pests have moved in and more may be attracted by the smell. It is difficult to maintain the desired temperature in your home. If the temperature in your house is constantly fluctuating or after the heat or AC shut off the house quickly starts to move back to the outside temperature, the insulation struggling to do its job.
  • The energy bill is high. If you suspect your energy bill is higher than it should be, a good place to start in your quest to reduce your bill is getting your insulation inspected.
  • You are having trouble with leaks or condensation.
  • The insulation visibly appears to be breaking down, falling apart, or shifting in a way that it was clearly not intended to do.

What will compromise my attic insulation?

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve had your insulation or what kind of guarantee it has, there are certain things that can happen to insulation that will drastically reduce its effectiveness including:

  • Mold growing in and on the insulation. This may not be something that you can readily see, it is best to call out a specialist to check your insulation for mold growth.
  • Water damage. If there is a leak in your roof and the moisture seeps into the insulation, it will hamper your insulation’s ability to function. Also, wet insulation is often more inviting to pests. Always check your attic for leaks after severe storms, especially if your home sustained visible damage like dislodged shingles.
  • Insulation being punctured. This can be caused by a number of things including animals burrowing in it.
  • Accumulating dirt or dust.
  • Improperly installed insulation.

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