If you need to get rid of mosquitos fast for a backyard BBQ, birthday party, or wedding, our event treatment option is right for you. We start our spray treatment by evaluating your property and creating a game plan to ensure that we treat the parts of the yard you want to use for your event and any areas that attract mosquitos. Next, we come in with our three-step mosquito-elimination process. First, we use our mosquito fog blowers to kill existing mosquitos on the property. Next, we treat standing water with larvicide to destroy any unhatched mosquito larvae. Finally, we put repellent granules around the property to repel mosquitoes. Together these treatments are guaranteed to last up to 72 hours, but the effects will generally continue to hinder the mosquito population for 7+ days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it last?

The effects of our treatment begin immediately and are guaranteed to last for up to 72 hours, but customers tell us they often see the benefits lasting for weeks.

Are the products you use for event spraying plant, family and pet friendly?

Yes. Green Army takes a greener approach to chemicals. The products we use are derived from chrysanthemum flowers and tested by the EPA. Products we apply are not known to harm children, adults, or pets.