At Green Army, we know how to keep your pool looking good and ready to use throughout the year. You can rely on our highly trained technicians to keep the pool chemically balanced and clean. And don’t worry about all that complex equipment behind the house our technicians know how to keep it running smoothly. When a problem does arise, our cleaning or operations specialists are ready to efficiently check pressure, back-wash and clean or replace filters.
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Maintenance & Cleaning

Thorough pool care will ensure clean and safe water throughout the swimming season. Green Army’s routine maintenance includes leaf removal, pool vacuuming, water/filter testing, and sediment brushing and removal from the pool walls.

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Equipment Repair

Pool equipment systems are sensitive. They involve liquid plumbing, electrical elements, and sometimes even gas plumbing. Complex systems like these must be maintained, and the need to make repairs is inevitable. But something going wrong doesn’t need to be a big problem. Your Green Army weekly pool cleaning tech is trained to spot issues, communicate with you about them, and get a trained Green Army specialist over quickly to make the problem disappear. Sometimes your pump doesn’t turn on? There’s been a leak in your filter for years? Not anymore.

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Every pool owner knows that pools can waste your time, energy, and money if you let them. At Green Army, our goal is for you to not have to worry about your pool. Our expertise and professional services make that happen. And our robust list of weekly services ensures that your equipment will be continually maintained and therefore require fewer repairs, which minimizes your pool-related expenses.