Garages are notoriously difficult to keep clean and organized. If your garage is a mess, no doubt it’s something you really don’t want to deal with, which makes the problem worse over time. But when you know where everything is, your garage can be a great help in keeping the rest of your home tidy. Green Army’s garage- cleaning service begins with removal of unwanted debris, power-washing, mopping, and cleaning all surfaces, including baseboards and shelves. We then get rid of all cardboard boxes and organize your belongings in labeled plastic containers. Finally, we remove anything you no longer want. We take as much as we can to be donated or recycled so that little ends up at the dump.

Ask & We Answer

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be at home while my garage is being cleaned?

Someone age 18 or older must be present during garage cleaning, and we prefer that it be you. We don’t expect you to do any of the heavy lifting or cleaning, of course, but we like it when you’re involved in deciding exactly what you want to keep, what you want to get rid of, and what organizational scheme would work best for you. Our goal is to make your garage a space that really works for you, so we like to ask questions and keep you involved in the process.

Will Green Army take trash away at the end of the job?

Yes. And we don’t stop there. We donate or recycle as much of your unwanted goods as possible so they don’t all end up in a landfill. Knowing that your old stuff will be put to better use may give you an incentive to get rid of more of what you know you don’t use.