Lawn Care Services

A Green Army Lawn care specialist first performs an analysis of your yard.

We have one-size plan to fit any yard and the cost you pay is based on the size of your yard.  Once you let go of the details and allow the professionals at Green Army Lawn to handle all your lawn care needs, you can begin to enjoy the beauty of your home and life!

After developing your plan, we’ll visit your property every 4-6 weeks.  Your Green Army Lawn specialist will leave behind a report on your door.  If you are home, the specialist will review with you in person. If you have brown or bare spots in your yard, this is a sign that weeds are dying.  This allows your lawn to grow, so the grass is always greener on your side of the fence!  Your Green Army Lawn specialist will determine if there are any tips or feedback to give you at the time of the service visit completion, such as moving the trampoline to a new location or any neglected items that might be harmful to your grass.

At Green Army Lawn, we’ll come out as often as needed between scheduled visits to ensure your satisfaction is always high and most importantly, you love your yard!

  • Pre-Emergent & Targeted Weed Control
  • Fertilization
  • Perfect Lawn Guarantee
  • Aeration
lawn care services green army



We are a full-service lawn and landscape company. We provides services such as fertilization and weed control, landscape maintenance, irrigation systems, hardscaping, lawn care maintenance, shrub trimming, leaf cleanup, mulch, annual installation, sod installation, and more.

Every yard is different. Reach out today by clicking here to schedule a free quote!

You do not need to be present when we conduct our onsite property assessment. Questions are always best answered on site, however, so if you want to speak directly with one of our professionals, try to be at home.  We do ask that you leave your gate unlocked if you will not be at home.

Our team sizes vary based on the day and job but typically our teams range from 2-4 people.

We will still service your property even if it is lightly raining. If it has been 48+ hours of rain, expect to hear from us to reschedule.


Lawn Care Testimonials

“It can be tough to find a reliable lawn care company. Things always start off great and then they can become unreliable and your yard suffers. I gave Green Army’s team a shot and I have been really impressed. They are quick and thorough. My yard looks great and I have even had my neighbors make comments when they walk by. Thanks!”

-Jeff T.

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