The trained Green Army technicians will clean your driveway, entrance way, patios, decks or home as part of our regular Green Army Clean service. Regular power washing will greatly reduce the risk of slip and falls on your property. Dirty oil and car fluid deposits also expedite the decay of driveway surfaces such as asphalt. Green Army doesn’t just use pressure washers like most companies. We use a patented pressurized circular cleaning system that provides deep cleaning of your flatwork surfaces. This is a far superior type of pressure washing service that will really make your home or property shine with curb appeal. Extend the useful life of your driveways and flatwork areas with regular cleanings and maintenance by Green Army Clean!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does power washing do?

Regular power washing provides deep cleaning of your flatwork surfaces around your home keeping it looking its best and extending the useful life of decking, concrete, fences, and more.