Enjoy the beauty and comfort of your home with clean windows. Green Army Clean takes pride in its signature window cleaning service, which it the hallmark of the Clean Division. Our service goes far beyond simply wiping down the glass. Our process includes:
Carefully inspecting the entire window opening for all cleaning needs.
Advising clients of any discovered issues with the window prior to performing service.
Carefully opening each window and cleaning the complete window opening including the track, frame, sill and all screens.
Cleaning the glass and carefully addressing any residue or material.
Using dropouts on all floors and covering furniture when needed.
Large furnishings team lifted and carefully returned back to their original place.
Special care and caution around landscaping and home interior.

Regular window maintenance protects the investment in your house. When having your windows professionally cleaned, we suggest cleaning the inside and the outside to get the best service and the best value from our service. We recommend annual complete cleaning of the windows inside and outside with routine cleaning of the windows outside only every 6 months for regular maintenance.

Ask & We Answer

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to have my windows cleaned?

We suggest that your windows be cleaned at least once a year, but it’s better to get them done twice a year. We find that if you get them cleaned less often than this, it can be difficult to notice buildup on the windows and realize how much more light could be coming through and how much better they could look from the outside. (It’s kind of like when you haven’t washed your car for a while. When you finally get it washed, you immediately notice the difference.) Some of our customers choose to get their windows cleaned more often. Sometimes people who have clients who come to their homes want to have their windows cleaned monthly to make their home look as impressive as possible.