Most pest companies skip the most crucial step in pest control, prevention. Green Army doesn’t just wait for you to call when you have a visible infestation. We begin our pest service with a 15-point detailed inspection during which we look for signs of pest issues in and around the home and identify problem areas that could be conducive to future pest problems. The inspection is documented in a comprehensive report that we use to guide actions to prevent future pest issues, such as sealing entry points. The report is also our foundation for suggesting certain treatment plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to see results from a treatment?

This depends on the type of pest and the method chosen to eliminate it, but most of our treatments start working immediately; the rest usually produce results within 24 to 48 hours. We keep these pests under control through our continuing preventive service. And, if you do see covered pests again soon, remember that we guarantee our services and will come back out to resolve the issue at no additional charge.

What are mouse and cockroach allergens?

Mice and cockroaches are relatively common allergy triggers, and people often don’t realize that one of these is the source of their problem. The allergens can be particles of anything these pests leave behind, including skin cells, dander, and excrement. These particles are mixed in with household dust and can be found on fabrics, cardboard, carpeting, and even food. The most common misconception about these allergens is that it’s necessary to have an infestation of mice or cockroaches before they can be the source of your allergies.

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