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Welcome to the Green Army Clean Division. What does it mean to be Green Army Clean?

What do you need cleaned? Green Army Clean has you covered, be it gutters, windows, outdoor grills, outdoor furniture, garage cleaning & re-organization systems, or just about anything else. Whether it’s for your home or business, we pride ourselves on cleaning things right and restoring them properly. Our cleaning technicians are rigorously trained to know what the right tools for any cleaning job are; how to be gentle with valuable items that need to be cleaned and how to not just clean but also restore (for example, power-washing key areas or completely acid-washing a garage floor and finishing with 4-step process of fresh colored speckled paint).
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Window Cleaning

Green Army takes pride in its comprehensive window-cleaning service, which goes far beyond simply wiping them down. We clean the frame and the area around the window, removing dirt buildup, cobwebs, or other insect nests. After washing the windows, we finish the job with a microfiber cloth and a deionized water solution to prevent streaking and keep your windows sparkling clean for long after our visit. A healthy home is a clean-home from top to bottom, and exterior cleaning is sometimes overlooked. We’ll help you sparkle with our years of home exterior cleaning services, such as our window-cleaning process with the best products, squeegees and finishing cloths.

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Power Washing

Like most people, you probably don’t think about the contaminants in your home, such as dander, skin cells and such. Our deep steam-cleaning & detoxification service sanitizes your home by removing contaminants, eliminating toxins, and killing bacteria and viruses. Deep steam-cleaning also eliminates odors from your home, making it feel fresher. We use top quality products, followed by a wipe down to ensure we don’t miss a spot.

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Gutter Cleaning

Clogged gutters can cause water damage to your house and landscaping, so solving this problem shouldn’t be put off. But finding a really professional gutter-cleaning service can be difficult and liability is always a worry. Green Army is the name you trust for home services and we approach our gutter-cleaning service with the seriousness and professionalism you’d expect from us. Our fully insured and well-trained technicians don’t just remove excess debris from your gutters, they make corrections to the screens and downspouts. Further, they always end the job with a full rinse of the gutter system to make sure no debris is clogging the spouts.

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Junk Hauling

Have stuff you don’t want? Green Army can get rid of it for you. If you have anything in or around your home that goes unused and just takes up space, it’s time to let it go. Buildup of junk, especially in out-of-the-way places like closets and garages, can be unhygienic and attractive to pests like rodents and roaches. Regardless of the size, shape, or amount of rubbish you have, Green Army can remove it from your home quickly and easily. We haul junk in a safe manner and look for items to donate as well, keeping the needy in mind. If you need junk hauling service, look no further.

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Outdoor Grill Stream & Cleaning

Have you ever not used your outdoor grill because you forgot to clean it last time? Green Army wants you to be able to get outside and enjoy your backyard the way you envisioned doing when you first bought that grill. Our grill-cleaning technicians don’t just wipe off surface debris; they bring the grill back to its former glory. We start by carefully taking apart the grill so we can scrub every piece, including that bottom area where stuff has been hiding and accumulating for too long. Next, we do the scrubbing. After applying some elbow grease, we buff and steam each piece before reassembling them. Finally, we clean and polish the exterior so the grill looks the way you remember it when you bought it. Keep you family and friends safe, and always clean spring and fall at a minimum. Food tastes better and you keep unwanted guests at bay as well.

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Garage Cleanouts & Re-organization

Garages are notoriously difficult to keep clean and organized. If your garage is a mess, no doubt you really don’t want to deal with it, which makes the problem worse over time. But when you know where everything is, your garage can be a great help in keeping the rest of your home tidy. Green Army’s garage-cleaning service begins with removal of unwanted debris, power-washing, mopping, and cleaning all surfaces, including baseboards and shelves. We then get rid of all cardboard boxes and organize your belongings in labeled plastic containers. Finally, we remove anything you no longer want. We don’t only deeply clean your garage, but we provide re-organization services, storage containers and even install cabinets to really organize items used more often.

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Outdoor Furniture Cleaning

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Why spend your time on annual or semi-annual in-depth cleaning when you can hire us to do twice as much in half the time? Using our services, you’ll have more time, more energy, and the joy of returning to a clean and well-maintained space.