When you need outdoor business lighting installed, it has to be done professionally by an experienced lighting installation team. When using low voltage high quality LED lighting systems, it’s important to think about how lighting can help limit your business’s liability. Furthermore, exterior lighting helps your buildings and signs look professional. Green Army Lighting has the experience and expertise to design and install business lighting that will accommodate all your needs.

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Business lighting needs to work well, but it shouldn’t be a significant line item in your monthly budget. Most of the lighting we install uses commercial-grade LEDs, which have a lower wattage and consume less energy than other fixtures. And the savings aren’t small: the energy consumption of fluorescent lights is generally between 50% and 70% more than that of low voltage LED lights.


Our permanent lighting systems provide bright, color-changing lighting that communicates the perfect mood for any occasion or holiday that is special to you. Our solutions stand out above all other options because they are permanent and have easy-to-use technology. Enjoy the low maintenance glow of our permanent lighting services.


Real-time control from anywhere allowing you to customize lighting from any device. Control to manage lighting for multiple properties.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my business be disrupted by the installation of my new commercial lighting?

No, your business shouldn’t be disrupted. Our team will schedule installation around your schedule. We have installed outdoor business lighting in ___ states at every type of manufacturing facility, office, and warehouse.

What value does upgrading my outdoor lighting add to my business?

Commercial landscape lighting benefits your business in two main ways: safety and beauty. If your outdoor lighting seems incomplete or not well planned, one of our design experts can help you bring everything together so your business’s exterior gives the impression of being a natural extension of its interior. Appropriate lighting enhances the safety of people leaving or entering after dark. And commercial LED lighting is affordable (of course, we’ll work within your budget), easy to install, and easy to maintain. It will make your commercial property look and function at its best. All in all, it’s a smart move for any business owner concerned about security or interested in showcasing the property, or both.

Can you give me some examples of where businesses have lighting installed outside?

Down lights and floodlights:

  • Lights placed above an area and aimed downward make your outdoor space more secure—for example, at a back entrance.

Up lights and spot lights:

  • Up lights are installed on the ground and pointed upward toward a tree, fountain, or other focal point of your outdoor space.

Backlights or accent lights:

  • Lights placed behind plants or other objects cast a silhouette on a wall for a interesting effect.

Patio, deck, step, fountain, and tree lighting:

  • Lighting in specific areas enhances the attractiveness of your outdoor space and makes it safer by eliminating dark spaces.

Parking lot lighting:

  • A well-lit parking lot is safer for your employees and customers and makes vandalism less likely.

Pathway lighting:

  • Lights along the sides of a walkway, path, or driveway make these features easy to see and navigate and they enhance security.

Sign lighting:

  • Your business’s signage is important for promotional purposes. Attractively lit signage makes a good impression and is another way to make your business more secure.