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Our Partnerships

Green Army is seeking highly motivated Operating Partnerships in each Service Company Category.

We Partner with you and help you develop a long-term business that thrives on the power of numbers between our core service divisions under our unified brand, Green Army. Stemming from our founder’s 20+ years of experience in the consumer services industry, we have found that it is important to have a key partner operating each business service division for specialization and focus. Our founder started his own lawn mowing company at the age of 10, while in the 4th grade. He has founded several successful service companies since then, and each of those businesses still thrives and grows today. That’s what makes the Green Army model so appealing to existing business owners who want to expand and grow from their current size, by partnering with experienced operators and multi-support functions. We know what Entrepreneurs are faced with; and our experience is not based on just numbers and business driven experience, rather it is from real hands-on building, listening, and implementing what works.

We have successfully converted partners who own their companies and transitioned to our team, yet still run their own business with the support they need to grow. We provide everything you need to succeed. If you do not currently run a business, we have various investment and entry-level plans available to acquire and convert a divisional target company. We are also open to discuss our territory plans with individuals who do not yet have their own company but want to enter one of our service categories and grow with the Green Army team organically (select divisions and launch process).

Let’s discuss your future and develop a plan that will reward you for the long haul with real ownership and support to help you succeed.

The Benefits of Ownership

Multiple Service Verticals

Our business model creates revenue with an ongoing consumer demand for both residential and commercial.

Flexible Lifestyle

After launching and working on your business for a minimum of 5-years, you can set your own hours, be your own boss, and live a better quality of life when the right systems and brand are behind you.

Growing Industry

The Industries Green Army targets is over $200 billion with a 3.5% annual growth rate in the last 5-years.

Business Opportunity

Our unique Family of Brands and streamlined Standard Operating Procedures, as well as our uniform look and feel across multiple home services, makes our value proposition compelling to prospective homeowners.

We fall in the middle of National Franchise-sized companies and the ever changing new “get connected with a local pro” concept. Our customers can choose from a variety of plans, and thus help increase your revenues with part-time sales focus due to the customer on-boarding methods Green Army deploys in its model. By using the same Brand Name as our header for each service division, your business can be instantly recognized when seen or discussed. Through extensive use of software platforms and building a proprietary enterprise level sales APP – Green Army is developing a process to streamline billing and ease of customer access between divisions. Various internal marketing systems are being developed to make it easy to on-board new customers outside our network, and to cross-sell existing customers. The process we are refining is to have our customers look to us for their primary home service needs. We’ve selected the most common services that homeowners use, and we are making it easy and clear to choose Green Army with our specialized divisions.

Choose Green Army because

  • You’ll gain brand name recognition in a competitive market. If we’ve noticed anything, our name is easy to remember, and you won’t miss our uniquely branded vehicles as territories grow
  • You have the unique “Green” aspect to the business as a differentiator
  • We provide you with proven business systems and solutions
  • You’ll receive guidance and support every step of the way

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A Wealth Of Resources To Get You Started

Green Army offers more back-office support, training and quick reference guides to run your business and spend time focusing on the growth and profitability long-term. We are not run like a typical corporation, due to strong entrepreneurial values of our founder, who started his first business at the age of 10. Green Army believes in the power of give more, make more. Our vision every day is to build a platform for the entrepreneur and guide them along their journey to more freedom, residual income and retirement goals.