At Green Army, we want to do pest control right. We use botanical-based products, traps and conventional targeted treatments rather than harsh chemicals to create a better way for the environment, for you, your family, and your pets.
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Many pest control companies come into your home, spray harsh chemicals, and keep pest problems like roaches and rodents out of sight instead of eliminating them at their source. Green Army’s goal is to protect you and your family from both unnecessary exposure to pesticides and the bites, illnesses, and home damage that pests can cause. We train our pest technicians to spot pest problems at their source and focus on preventing future problems rather than waiting for you to call. We developed a process with products and equipment to help them quickly and efficiently handle any problems they find.

Many protocols call for non-chemical pheromone traps inside the home, in hidden areas if a pest is identified and targeted. We also use a spot treatment method, to target pests at the source of the problem.

Common Household Pests We Treat

Need help with a different type of pest? Even if it isn’t listed above, we probably take care of it. From squirrels and racoons to mosquitos and fleas, we do it all.

Green Army Prevention Services (GAPS)

Our Service begins with a 15-point detailed inspection report, with photographs, identifying signs of pests, rats, roaches, mice, and more, along with their points of entry. Then we seal those entry points, up to ¼ inch inside and out and begin your initial interior and exterior treatment plan.

Treatment Plans

Simple Earth

Our Simple Earth plan is the first step toward pest control the green way. You get five treatment visits a year, each with a 30-day no-charge re-treatment guarantee. In this plan, we work to reduce the use of traditional chemicals and use botanical-based products that leave much less residual impact on your home’s environment. As much as possible, we focus on solutions that make chemicals unnecessary, such as sealing the points where pests are entering the house. The service also includes our 15-point inspection, initial prevention services, and a re-inspection each time we come back for exterior service.

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Green Earth

Our Green Earth plan embraces green pest control by using nothing but botanically based products, such as essential oils, borates, and diatomaceous earth, rather than conventional pesticides. The residual impact of the treatment on your home’s environment is greatly reduced. With Green Earth, you get six treatment visits a year, each with a 30-day no-charge re-treatment guarantee. The service also includes our 15-point inspection, initial prevention services, and a re-inspection each time we come back for exterior service.

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Inspection & Prevention

Most pest companies skip the most crucial step in pest control, prevention. Green Army doesn’t just wait for you to call when you have a visible infestation. We begin our pest service with a 15-point detailed inspection during which we look for signs of pest issues in and around your home. The inspection is documented in a comprehensive report for you to review. We then use the inspection data to guide our prevention plan, sealing entry points, creating entry deterrents, and eliminating hospitable environments that would attract pests. Each time we come visit, we further our inspection and tighten the pest security around your home.

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Pest Control & Maintenance

Based on our 15-point inspection, Green Army will send a technician to take care of any pest issues on the property. Depending on the plan that’s right for you, your Green Army pest technician will perform periodic maintenance using our preventive pest measures and inspections to make sure no new issues arise. Unlike other companies that come only when you have an infestation, Green Army keeps watch over pest issues to keep them from getting out of hand in the first place so your family and your house will be protected.

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Speciality Pest Control

If you have a pest problem, we’ll be there. Our technicians are trained to deal with anything: mosquitos, roaches, termites; you name it. We know how they operate, how to get rid of them, and how to keep them from coming back.

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Insulation Reapplication

Over time, rodents and other pests will nest in your attic insulation. They are attracted to certain types of insulation, especially those that hold moisture like fiberglass. The more they begin nesting in the insulation, leaving droppings and sheddings, the more other pests will be attracted to do the same, attracted by the smell. It is not uncommon for a colony of rodents to establish itself in the warm, malleable material.

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