Swarms of buzzing, biting mosquitoes can interrupt and potentially destroy an outdoor wedding, graduation, or gathering. Planning an event is difficult enough, but having to plan around the annoyance of mosquitoes is a waste of time. 

We start our spray treatment by evaluating your property and creating a game plan to ensure that we treat the parts of the yard you want to use for your event and any areas that attract mosquitos. 

Next, we come in with our three-step mosquito elimination process. First, we use our mosquito fog blowers to kill existing mosquitos on the property. Next, we treat standing water with larvicide to destroy any unhatched mosquito larvae. Finally, we put repellent granules around the property to repel mosquitoes. Together these treatments are guaranteed to last up to 72 hours, but the effects will generally continue to hinder the mosquito population for up to 7-days after your event or party.

When to Call Green Army for Mosquito Control?

As soon as Mosquitoes are creeping around your yard. However, it is not too late to treat the problem and help deter the spread of mosquitoes. Our mosquito control service for events or parties will ensure that your yard is ready to defend itself from mosquitoes. We recommend hiring Green Army to treat the yard at least 24 hours before your special day or event.

Mosquitoes necessitate several treatments during the season. Your Green Army team will inspect the lawn and determine the right care option for your special gatherings or events.

How Important Is It That I Treat My Landscape For Mosquitoes?

It is important to treat your yard for mosquitoes! Consider how much time you spend in your yard during the season. Mosquitoes will make it difficult to throw a picnic, work in your backyard getting ready for an event or party.

Don’t let mosquitoes stop you from enjoying your yard. Green Army can make your yard a soothing place throughout the season too, by choosing our other options you can learn about on this site.

The warm weather months are ideal for hosting a birthday or graduation party, a bridal or baby shower, or a casual group of friends. Mosquitoes will easily spoil this good time. Our mosquito control for special events will work with you to ensure that your outdoor space is just how you imagined it.

Don’t let party-crashing mosquitoes spoil your plans and preparation. Call the professional mosquito control service to come and help you. Our special event mosquito spray and other treatments is well worth the money. If you want to learn more or are ready to hire us, please contact the Green Army Mosquito Division right away!