*The Green Army Lighting Division complies with Class 1, 2 & 3 Limited Voltage Lighting.

The Perfect Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting consists of a wide range of light fixtures that resolve and enhance outdoor home protection and safety.

So, what makes outdoor lighting such a good investment for your yard? Here are several reasons why


Extra lighting around a property line, as well as near windows and entryways, prevents both wildlife and suspected perpetrators. A house is less of a target if there are no shadows to hide in. With enough lighting, surveillance cameras can effectively record and warn about any issues or possible risks. 


A correctly built lighting system creates aesthetic value and amplifies curb appeal, in addition to the added protection of well-lit walkways and secure entryways. The landscape’s elements can be illuminated, drawing attention to items that might get lost and making the yard, patio, or deck seem well-kept and tidy both day and night.


With the correct lighting, your family is not limited to the house after the sun goes down. In the evenings, relax on your balcony, expand your indoor routines outdoors, and make the most of your home’s open spaces.


As technology evolves, exterior lighting choices have progressed from loud, buzzing halogen lamps. With our LED low voltage lighting system, it’s simple to light your backyard or property without creating a large carbon footprint.


Green Army Lighting will be certain that the materials used are both affordable and long-lasting, keeping your best interests in mind. We know the importance of using quality products that are long-lasting and can withstand a variety of environmental conditions.

Our services range from Holiday Lighting, Landscape Lighting, and Commercial Lighting. Finally, when weighing the advantages of hiring a professional, keep in mind the effort and hassle that would be avoided if you hire one.

Note: The Green Army Lighting Division complies with Class 1, 2 & 3 Limited Voltage Lighting.