Green Army Garage Cleaning The Right Way

Garage Organizer

Your garage is meant to be a space where you can store your cars or organize your belongings. However, at one point or another, all garages lose convenience as a result of junk accumulation and general disorganization.

If you’re ready to reclaim your garage for your car, our professional garage cleaning service is just what you’re looking for.

Our garage cleaning services include far more than just junk removal and sweeping. Our highly qualified junk removal team will also do all of the work, loading, hauling away, sorting, disposing, and recycling of any unwanted things!

Green Army’s garage cleaning service starts with the clearing of excess clutter, followed by power washing, mopping, and cleaning all surfaces, including baseboards and cabinets. After that, we dispose of all cardboard boxes and organize your belongings in labeled plastic containers.

Here’s how our professional services can benefit you and your garage.


Cleaning the garage can help to eradicate pest problems or discourage them from occurring in the first place. Unattended stacks of junk are pests’ favorite places to live. 

If you take action to minimize those items, you’ll be doing yourself a favor in the long run. Furthermore, people sometimes store food in their garages, and when the garage is dirty, mice, rodents, and other pests have free access to it all. Not to mention that getting rid of pests in the garage is almost impossible because there is too much garbage lying around, making it hard for you to navigate.

You will be doing everyone in your home a favor by organizing & cleaning out your garage.

Clean organized workspace


The cleaner your garage, the more organized it will be. You won’t have to crawl through your junk looking for holiday lights, power tools, or anything else because it will be in its proper location. The money you spend cleaning and organizing your garage will eventually pay for itself by saving you time in the future that you would have otherwise wasted looking for missing things.


A clean garage can serve several functions. Rather than having it completely packed with junk all around the garage floor, you can sort it all on one side and park your car on the other. Alternatively, you can find another location for your possessions and park several vehicles inside the garage. If you’re feeling creative, you can turn a tidy garage into a workspace, playroom, recording studio, mechanic shop, home gym, or something else you and your family can benefit from.


Let’s be honest. Clean garages are much more inviting and appealing than dirty ones. Minimalist home decorating has become the latest style recently. Studies have found that the more organized a room is, the calmer and more productive we feel when we’re in it. 

Your garage doesn’t have to be something you’d be afraid to show your guests. You’ll thank yourself every time you come inside and be pleased with what you see if you take the time to clean it.

The Best Ways to Organize a Garage

  1. Use shelving systems to hold commonly used objects and make them easily available.
  2. Use cabinets or closets to store things that you seldom use.
  3. Tools, such as hammers and hacksaws, may be organized using a pegboard.
  4. Larger equipment, such as rakes and shovels, may be hung on the wall or stored in a wide, durable container.
  5. Sort objects by category so you still know where to look for what you need—and can quickly return it to its proper place when you’re done.

If you need items cleaned and reorganized in your garage, we have a customized solution. After we’ve discussed the scope and extent of work we will be doing, we’ll give you a FREE, no-obligation quote to get your garage looking exactly how you want it. Call Green Army now!