Misting System: Best Way to Control Mosquitoes

A Mosquito Misting System mists automatically when you are least likely in your yard. You also have the option of a remote control or an APP based process to get additional mists between automatic misting of your yard. The mosquito misting system is installed into and around your landscape and tucked up under eaves or utilizing trees or other areas for coverage. This minimally invasive device is specially developed for your yard to treat for mosquitoes in the areas you choose and where mosquitoes are most prevalent.

If you want a more permanent solution to your mosquito problem, it’s time for you to take a look at our fully automated mosquito misting system. 

Our system is state-of-the-art, made of the highest-quality parts, and custom-designed to target the parts of your property you want to use the most and attack the mosquito population where it’s most prevalent.

The nozzles and 1/4 inch tubing are installed strategically around the property for the greatest effectiveness and their sleek design blends in seamlessly. When you buy a system, you get a turnkey mosquito solution that includes installation, periodic additional treatments based on season or mosquito pressure and continual maintenance. 

Our misting systems are fully automated and can also be activated remotely at the touch of a button or utilizing our APP for your smart phone. The mosquito misting systems work on both commercial and residential properties.

What is a Mosquito Misting System?

Mosquito Misting Systems are an excellent method of mosquito control since they require no maintenance or refill efforts on the part of the system’s owner after installation.

With automated spraying, the yard is continuously targeted to address your mosquito pest control needs. Setting up your misting schedule is quick and handy because mosquito system is automatically operated! 

Benefits Of Mosquito Misting Systems Include:

  1. Automated release
  2. Daily interval treatments
  3. Highest quality design
  4. Remote or APP control options
  5. Installation & continual maintenance from the Green Army Mosquito Division (licensed and highly skilled employees)

Reasons for installing a Mosquito Misting System


Mosquito-misting systems that have been certified by the EPA approved with biodegradable products and are effective. That is, they would not affect air quality or cause long-term harmful effects. Misting systems are low risk for both humans and pets and our finished active product is just over .0045%.

Smart Insecticide

The insecticide used in Green Army’s mosquito misting systems is derived from chrysanthemum flowers and harmless to your home’s water supplies and nearby waterways. This ensures that you can wipe away mosquitoes without having to think about the negative effects it can bring to the environment. We also use a fully botanical based product and liquid or granular larviciding to support heavy mosquito activity properties all included in our pro-rated fixed monthly rates.


Mosquito misting systems remove mosquitoes and other small flying and bothersome insects within the first 7-days of installation. This guarantees you’ll get a comfortable, mosquito-free yard even though there’s a large mosquito bloom or it’s mosquito season. Our survey’s by long-time customers show an average success rate of over 95% on average. The handy remote control or APP additional mists gives you that much more control if ever needed.

It is not harmful to bees

Don’t be worried about the mosquito-misting system hurting bees. The insecticide used in these systems is specifically intended to target small mosquitos, small flying gnats and no see ums and will not hurt the honeybees you know and love around your home. The types of insecticides used for wasps or bees is a different product line and not used in the Green Army mosquito misting systems.

Our Green Army Mosquito Division will visit your home or business to assess the problem and install your system. With continuous operation, you’ll be able to keep care of your backyard without having to deal with mosquitoes all of the time. 

Mosquito misting systems are becoming more common and are now a staple choice for many households with over 20+ years used on both residential and commercial properties. When you’re ready to take back control of your yard, contact us!