Exterminating certain pests requires the use of special procedures and equipment. If you come into contact with termites, bed bugs, or bees, you will quickly realize that these pests are not to be taken lightly. We have the expertise, tools, and products to save your home from these harmful pests.

The primary goal of a new pest inspection is for us to get to know you and your property, as well as to locate and address your pest control needs with you.


We begin our pest service with a 15-point detailed inspection during which we look for signs of pest issues in and around the home and identify problem areas that could be conducive to future pest problems.

The inspection is documented in a comprehensive report that we use to guide actions to prevent future pest issues, such as sealing entry points. 


Based on our 15-point inspection, Green Army will send out a technician to take care of any pest issues on the property. Depending on the plan that’s right for you, your Green Army pest technician will perform periodic maintenance using our preventive pest measures and ongoing inspection of your property’s pest problems to make sure no new issues arise.

We take pride in being able to solve almost any type of pest problem that comes our way. Give us a call if you have an unusual pest problem. Odds are, we can solve it for you.