The Ultimate Guide to Hardscaping

What is Hardscaping?

Hardscaping is basically soft landscaping but with bricks, paving stones, rocks, or something else that is perceived “hard” to the touch.  Hardscaping helps you to build long-lasting, “solid” features in your yard that bring beauty and functionality to your outdoor area. 

Hardscaping blocks are available in any shape and size imaginable, allowing you to build virtually every outdoor landscaping feature you can imagine.

Hardscaping falls into one of the two subcategories of landscaping. Water features such as ponds and fountains are examples of hardscaping, which encompasses a wide variety of projects that incorporate nearly every form of decorative or functional structure in a landscape.

The Benefits of Hardscaping

There are several ways in which hardscape can be used to complement the other items on your property or outdoor living space. 

Little To No Maintenance Needed: Hardscaping items, unlike living plants, are not alive and therefore do not require water, mowing, pruning, sun, or other maintenance. 

Improves Accessibility: Hardscaping will significantly improve your property’s accessibility. Pathways and walkways are examples of hardscapes. Pathways, for example, will help you and your visitors find an alternative way to access your property.

Adds Value To Your Property: Quality hardscaping extends your living room to the outdoors, offers great curb appeal, and can thereby improve the value of your home. You can also add outdoor lighting to improve your property’s safety, allowing you to navigate the property at night.

To Expand Living Space: Hardscaping may be used to create an outdoor space with indoor features, such as a vibrant full kitchen, a comfortable fireplace, or a quiet lounge area, which is ideal for hosting visitors.

Here are a few hardscape design ideas for your property: 

  1. Fireplaces / fire pits
  2. Sidewalks
  3. Stepping Stones / Paver Blocks
  4. Pools
  5. Fountains
  6. Walls / retaining walls
  7. Buildings / structures
  8. Staircases
  9. Patios
  10. Outdoor Kitchens

Hiring Professionals for your Hardscaping Project

Working on hardscape projects can be incredibly challenging even under the best of weather conditions because fog, drainage, and even rogue tree roots can all have a negative impact on the expected result. That is why most homeowners choose to finish hardscaping tasks during favorable conditions, usually in the spring, autumn, or even sometimes during the milder months of summer.

Green Army’s landscape design professionals wil …

  1. provide you with Quality work
  2. provide you with a variety of ideas paired with extensive experience & knowledge.
  3. Provide you a Cost-Effective Solution
  4. Provide technical assistance 
  5. Have the Right Tools, Equipment, and Hardscaping Skills

Involving yourself on a hardscape project is often physically challenging and would actually require the use of industry-specific heavy lifting equipment 

In these situations, get help from landscape professionals at Green Army. don’t let the need for heavy lifting equipment stop you from completing your hardscaping projects. Our professional hardscape designers are here to help you create and achieve your remodeling dreams. 

We firmly believe that hardscaping is an important element in achieving a healthy and attractive landscape design, that would open many advantages to both you and your property itself. Contact us now!