Why Should You Use Green Army Junk Hauling?

What is Junk Hauling?

It is the act of collecting and hauling away discarded items from your home or company. When you need items hauled away and don’t have the means or resources to do it yourself, junk removal services near you are a perfect choice. We utilized reputable subcontractors or larger items, but we tackle most any light debris or light junk removal very well with hundreds of jobs under our belt – we’ve seen it all.

Items We Haul:

Furniture Removal
Television Disposal & Recycling
Yard Waste Removal
Donation Items Handled
Appliance Removal
Hot Tub Disposal
E-Waste Disposal
Trash Removal
Mattress Disposal
Refrigerator Disposal & Recycling
Construction Waste Removal
Old Firewood Haul-Away

Junk Hauling Services

4 Reasons Why It’s Better To Leave Junk Hauling To The Green Army Professionals:

Junk accumulation is an unavoidable aspect of our lives. Regardless of how hard you want to keep clutter to a minimum, you’ll need to tidy up at least once a year. 

Although some people love cleaning & disposing of household waste, the majority of people dislike it. 

As a result, the only option is to hire a professional junk hauling service. It’s the simple solution to all of your problems, particularly when it comes to getting rid of bulky things like old garbage and old furniture. 

Here’s why hiring Green Army’s junk removal service is the best idea to help you get rid of all the unwanted items you have collected over time.


Getting rid of junk is a time-consuming activity that can involve carrying bulky items, transporting massive amounts of waste, and handling hazardous materials or chemicals. 

The basic act of hauling waste can be hazardous to your wellbeing, depending on the amount and quality of the waste. Clearing and hauling junk can result in cuts, abrasions, and back strain.

Additionally, getting rid of waste can be complicated without proper training and equipment. Green Army has a professional staff that can handle anything you no longer need in your life without jeopardizing your health or safety. We are a team of experienced & knowledgeable professionals that know what to do. From lifting heavy pieces of furniture to responsibly disposing of your  junk, we make sure that things are properly disposed of.

When you hire us for our services, you are in good hands.


Tossing your unwanted junk in the wrong spot will endanger the health and welfare of the community and the environment, as well as put you in serious legal trouble. To ensure the wellbeing of everyone involved, our staff has a clear knowledge of where to dispose of various types of waste. 

We will assist you in cleaning out your garage and disposing of all the garbage, and old items you’ve been hoarding.


When you realize the amount of time you’ll spend clearing out, hauling, and disposing of your junk, we might be talking about hours or even days. Why not save time and energy by hiring professionals to do the dirty work for you?

When you hire a professional junk hauling company, you will get all of your unwanted junk cleared in a matter of hours rather than wasting days doing back-breaking labor. 

Removing unwanted junk such as boxes, tree trimmings, and other clutter also ensures you are removing popular breeding grounds for common household pests. Accumulation of junk often leads to the accumulation of pests. 


Instead of paying for storage space for your unnecessary things or paying to keep a dumpster around for months while you sort through your junk on your own, it is more cost-effective to employ a professional junk removal team to assist you with this challenging mission. 

Green Army will assist you in clearing out discarded objects, removing all junk, and disposing of it safely, all for a turn-key price with disposal fees included.

Getting help from a junk hauling company will make the job easy and done in no time. It is the ideal solution to the unending dilemma of eliminating waste from your house. Contact us today for a FREE, NO Obligation quote.  Our healthy home services professionals will contact ASAP.