Lawn Fertilization Services

If you’re trying to get or keep a lush, green lawn, regular lawn fertilization services are the answer. Fertilizing a lawn is an important part of lawn care and keeping it looking great season after season. Lawns, like most plants, need nutrients to grow properly.

Spreading fertilizer supplements the lawn with the nutrients it lacks, thus improving the overall health of the grass. A healthy lawn should not only look even lusher, but it should also be able to absorb more water, shield itself from pests, and have fewer weeds surrounding it that may hinder your lawn from getting the land’s natural resources. 

With Green Army’s lawn fertilization service your lawn will get the nutrients it needs and you’ll get that lush green lawn you’ve always wanted.

We understand that each customer and lawn have specific needs that require different grass care treatment plans. 

Benefits of a Lawn Fertilization Service

Fertilization is important for more than just having a healthy-looking lawn. It improves durability and water preservation by strengthening the root structure. 

Weed Reduction and Control

Many people are unaware that fertilization has the additional benefit of weed control. Fertilizer prevents the growth of invasive plants by keeping your grass healthy and thick. Most weed seeds can not enter the soil under a thick, healthy lawn, and those that do will not be able to germinate due to a lack of sunshine and water. 

Improved Overall Growth

If your lawn is discolored or has dry posts, it is most likely that they have been caused by lack of water, high temperature, insect damage, or weed growth. Aside from doing Regular lawn maintenance and watering, it is also important to do pest control and fertilization. 

Provides More Oxygen

We all want to breathe clean air. A lush, green lawn can help in the production of oxygen. Furthermore, healthy grass helps to keep your yard cool and pure.

PreventsSoil Run-Off

Lawn fertilization is a key contributor to having that lush, vibrant, and green lawn you really want. Plants and grass extract nutrients from the soil as they grow. Lawn fertilization aids in the prevention of soil runoff. It would also replenish the nutrients, meaning that the grass is healthy and vibrant. As a result, using fertilizers is an excellent lawn care option.

Get Better Results with a Professional Lawn Care Service

At Green Army, we provide exceptional lawn care services to keep your lawn green, and lush. 

We recognize that proper fertilization is the key to achieving a healthy and green lawn. Our professionals have the skills and expertise to assess the quality and health of a yard and prescribe suitable steps to keep it in good condition. We use the right lawn fertilizers to ensure that plants and grass grow quickly and properly.

If you are looking for a professional who can help you with lawn fertilization and maintenance, call Green Army now!