Pre Emergent Weed Control Services the Right Way

The easiest way to get rid of unsightly weeds in your yard is to keep them from growing in the first place. Lawn care professionals at Green Army know exactly how to make weed seeds disappear before they even grow.

We provide selective pre-emergent herbicide treatments to control even the most invasive weeds. Our Pre-emergent herbicides fatally impede their growth process, preventing the seed from reaching the seed germination point.


Pre-emergent weed control is referred to by different names, including pre-emergent herbicide, weed preventer, weed-seed killer, pre-weed control, crabgrass preventer, and so on.

The goal of pre-emergent weed control is to eliminate weeds before they germinate. A weed is described as any plant that grows in an area where it is not supposed to grow. You will prevent unsightly and undesirable weeds in your yard by adding this chemical at the appropriate time.

Without weeds, they can not grow & they eventually die. This whole process occurs at the soil level, under the blades and thatch of the lawn, so the sprouted weeds are never visible. The precise formula and application for using pre-emergents can be determined by timing, temperature, and the kind of weeds that are troublesome in your garden


Pre-emergent weed killers include chemicals that are ineffective against vegetative buds that sprout from mature roots or rhizomes. They are also ineligible for use on a prepared grass seedbed because their root stunting behavior in young plants would also damage sprouting grass.

Developed plants have little to worry about because their root system is already established and the plant is hearty and healthy. According to pre-emergent data, the sensitive root tissue of freshly germinated seedlings is destroyed, resulting in complete plant death.

Water is needed to activate pre-emergent weed killers and bring the chemical down to the root systems of newly sprouted weeds. To avoid harming other plants, never add a herbicide spray when there is a wind. The temperature outside must be above zero, and the soil must be workable. 


  1. The perfect solution is proper lawn care maintenance.
  2. Adjust your mower height the next time you mow. 
  3. Watering deeply and infrequently encourages the grass to develop deeper roots, allowing it to compete with weeds more effectively.

Common Weeds:

Grass Weeds: These weeds grow in the same conditions as your lawn’s turf, they are extremely common in most yards.

Broadleaf weeds: These weeds are easier to treat, have wider leaves, and sometimes have flowers.

Warm-Season Weeds: These weeds flourish during warm summer months.

Cool-Season Weeds: These weeds are most common during the colder months of spring and fall.

Annual Weeds: These weeds normally die off at the end of their yearly growth period, but they will grow 4-5 times before that.

Perennial Weeds: Unlike annual weeds, these troublesome weeds return year after year unless treated or eliminated.A healthy yard is the best protection against weeds. Combining proper lawn care  maintenance and pre-emergent weed control, like adequate irrigation, fertilizing, aerating, and mowing, keeps the yard competitive in the fight against weeds.

With pre-emergent weed control from Green Army, your yard and garden will be protected against a wide range of weeds year-round. Call us now and get experts to treat and maintain your lawns for you.