The Guide to Outdoor Grill Cleaning

Why Clean Your BBQ/Grill?

Cleaning your barbecue grill will help reduce the amount of build-up of burnt food deposits that might be sticking to it, and will help reduce the amount of smoke and contaminants emitted as you cook on it.

There are many health benefits of cooking on a grill:

  1. You eat less fat.
  2. Since the meat preserves its natural additives, you consume nutritious food.
  3. It is the best way to prepare food quickly.
  4. Since the grill uses moisture, you eat fewer calories, and there is no need for condiments or butter.

The repeated use of the grill for cooking requires more frequent cleaning of your BBQ grill. You must clean up any debris or portions of meat or vegetables that were already grilled on the grill. When you use the grill without washing it, the old food crumbs char and burn can be harmful to your health when eating them alongside freshly cooked food. A dirty grill is not only harmful to your wellbeing, but it is also a fire hazard.

Outdoor-Grill Cleaning by Green Army Professionals

You may be tempted to clean your outdoor grill on your own at times, but it is best to contact a company that provides professional outdoor grill cleaning services. 
After cooking on the grill, you can do routine washing and cleaning, but for a thorough cleaning, you should contact a professional who has professional grill cleaning equipment and accessories. 

Here are the top reasons to hire a professional grill cleaning service.


When cooking on a stove or barbecue, hygiene is of the utmost importance. Most homeowners set up their barbecue grills in their backyards or gardens and invite their families and friends over for dinner. The barbecue must be clean because germs can quickly contaminate the food and cause illness. 

Over time carcinogens can build up on the grates and be transferred to your food during the cooking process, which could pose health risks.

You can disinfect the outdoor grill on your own, but if you do this in a hurry, you can fail to fully rinse the cleaning solvent, which may mix with the food and create health problems. Green Army’s professional cleaning service will remove any germs, infections, and mold that could contaminate your food and cause illness.


You may lack the basic equipment to properly clean your BBQ grill, which may result in damage to the BBQ grill itself. If you use chemicals and do not thoroughly clean the grill, it can get rusted and moldy. Pressure washing is an alternative, but the high pressure will destroy the grill’s delicate parts.

Professional grill cleaning services by Green Army will help extend the life of your grill and can prevent future corrosion. Our steam cleaning process makes it easy to ensure that every part of your grill is sterilized and ready for use.


Many pests, including rodents, rats, and even possums, prefer a quiet, private space packed with greasy leftovers and plenty of room to sleep. Keep your outdoor grill tidy, and rodents will be less likely to gather around it in search of food and shelter.


Outdoor grill cleaning professionals have the proper tools and equipment to clean the BBQ grill efficiently, which is often not achievable with the basic tools you have at home. A grill cleaning expert possesses the knowledge and expertise needed to understand the grill and conduct the cleaning tasks that are best for that particular grill.


A filthy and greasy outdoor grill will not only contaminate the food, but it will also reduce the taste and quality of the food you cook. Proper & deep cleaning of your grill is needed to enhance the taste of the food prepared on it.

Green Army will ensure that your grill is completely clean. Consider how much better food can taste with a clean grill. Cleaning outdoor grills are one of our specialties, and our team will come to your home to make your BBQ look brand new again, no matter how neglected it is.

Call us now to learn more about our grill cleaning and other services.