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August 6, 2020

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The Perfect Time to Get Organized

During these crazy times and the world pandemic of the coronavirus, many of us are finding ourselves spending much more time at home. This is the time for no excuses! It is time to get all the clutter in your home organized! We have put together some expert tips on how to tackle and approach organizing your home from many different angles.

Where to Start?

Focus room to room

Don’t look at the big picture, it may freak you out and make you feel like an impossible task. Focusing on one room at a team is an ideal way to start your home organization project. This way you a breaking one project into much smaller tasks that you can give your undivided attention to.

Create an in-home mailbox and miscellaneous paper holder

The first thing many of us see when we get through the front door is a pile of mail and other papers scattered on tables and counters. Creating a visually appealing box where you can store this clutter is great. In addition to the visual appeal, it is a great way to keep track of mail and miscellaneous items.

Be resourceful and reduce

This is not the time to get attached to things you do not really need. Reduction is an essential part of the organization process… sorry, you’re going to have to toss some stuff out! Be resourceful with the things you do have.

Make throwing away trash fun

If you have kids, you’ve most likely had the experience of coming home to random trash scattered around your home. Get creative with your trash bin! A great and simple idea is to turn your trash bin into a basketball hoop! Also, place your trash areas in more convenient places that make throwing away trash easier.

Have only one playroom

Don’t have your kid’s toys and games scattered around your home. Designate on your for playful activity as well as storage for toys. This way the toys leave the room less often and can be quickly stored. This time is also not a bad idea to get rid of excess or damaged toys and games.

5 minutes a day

If you dedicate just 5 minutes a day to clean up then organizing your home can be a much more manageable task! Set up a specific time of day so that this process becomes routine to you!

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