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July 28, 2020

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A Mosquito-Free Summer

As the summer comes, so do mosquitos! There are many misconceptions on what really works and what really doesn’t in regard to eliminating mosquitos. Green Army wants to set the record straight so that you can actually enjoy a mosquito-free summer!

Summer is the season for relaxing in the warmth of the sun worry-free! The last thing anyone wants when they are enjoying their outdoors is to be bothered by mosquitos. MosquitoNix has over two decades of experience in this industry and we have developed the perfect guide for you to enjoy a mosquito-free summer, every summer!

Mosquito Hacks


Water is by far the most essential necessity for mosquitos to thrive. Eliminate all areas of standing water near your home as well as items that will collect water.

–Add some brightness to your summer

Mosquitos are naturally attracted to darker colors. This is for many reasons. The mosquito is already attracted to the natural heat our bodies put out, so wearing darker clothing will only make matters worse. A key tip with summer heat… try and find lightweight and breahtable clothing so that you can wear pants and long-sleeved shirts in comfort without the fear of being bitten!

Lighten up on the beer drinking

Studies have shown that drinking beer can make you more susceptible to getting bit by mosquitos. We actually sweat out things that mosquitos are very attracted to and beer drinkin’ ain’t gonna help the problem!

Crank up that fan 

Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, keep those fans running if you are having mosquito problems. Mosquitos are mot known to be the best pilots, therefore, constant airflow can hinder their flight.

Light up your backyard

Having oiled tiki torches and or citronella candles is a natural way to deter these pests. These are not known to be the strongest defense mechanisms but they sure are helpful.

Don’t wait until it becomes a problem!

Visit our Green Army Mosquito Control webpage to learn more about how to eradicate possibly the most annoying pest known to mankind.

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