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October 26, 2020

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Out with The Old, In with The New!

It is time to ditch the old pool cleaning guy that really doesn’t care about your pool!

Having a pool can be a luxurious amenity to your home if handled with proper care. Nobody wants a dirty pool that looks like a hazardous waste tank. Both you and your pool deserve the best! Stop stressing about your pool maintenance needs and rely on our highly trained professionals to keep your pool in top-notch shape all year round. It is time to get the most out of pool cleaning with Green Army.

Pool Cleaning Done Right

The Green Army Pool Division has dedicated their time and professionalism to provide the best pool cleaning and maintenance one could ask for!

We follow a set of very specific steps and procedures using the best technology, products and professionals, to ensure your pool is getting the best clean possible!

Upon arrival, we do a complete system check to make sure everything is working properly. Most importantly we check the pressure of your pump to ensure that it is not over the standard pressure of eight pounds. Our Pool Technicians are fully trained to repair and solve any issues that may be going on with your system.

Now it is time for a thorough inspection of your pool to identify the visible problems. This is what many pool cleaners do, inspect and clean, but the Green Army Pool Division takes a deeper dive.


Next, we break out the equipment.  It is time to skim the surface of your pool for all floating leaves and debris. During the skimming process, we make sure that the surface of your pool is spotless. The methodology and steps of this process are key to what comes next.

Algae build-up can be your pools number one problem in many cases. This is no problem for Green Army Pool. If we see that algae is a significant problem in your pool, we take the necessary steps to completely eradicate the build-up process.

Before we deal with the debris at the bottom of your pool, it is time for internal pool equipment check. We inspect all skimmer baskets around your pool for any cracks or problems there may be. We then empty and clean out your baskets of any leaves and debris. The same goes for your auto pool cleaner. It is essential to make sure that your auto pool cleaner is working properly and that it is getting its weekly clean as well. After we make sure that all checks out with your auto pool cleaner, it is time to do the dirty work.

Dive in!

No matter how big or small your pool is we have the equipment to get your pool in top-notch shape.

Now our professionals will tackle the issues that really make a pool dirty, leaves and debris!

It is time to start vacuuming. This process is the most tedious for we want to ensure that we are getting all of the dirt and debris from the bottom of your pool. We like to move slowly when doing this so that we are not stirring up clouds of dirt from the bottom surface of the pool. Once we have covered the whole pool including any steps or side seating features we move onto our final touches to make your pool perfect!

The Green Army Pool Division uses amazing equipment like the leaf master that gets the job done the best way possible. The leaf master is a high-end piece of pool equipment that sucks all leaves and other debris into a large net. Depending on where you live and the surrounding features of your pool, the leaf master can be a lifesaver. Now that your pool appearance is in tip-top shape it is time to move to preventative service!

Pool Health

While we will come back weekly to ensure your pool it is at it’s best, we still take the necessary measures to help your pool stay clean while we are not there.

As you can probably tell by now, the actual cleaning is a breeze with our process. The most important factor is pool maintenance for we will not be there every day to clean your pool! This is when we break out the chemicals.

We do full chemical balance checks of your pool to measure everything from pH to chlorine levels. Based on our measurements we are able to add the necessary chemicals to your pool to help fight things like algae build up. In other words, this is really to check for the health of your pool! Once we have finished our chemical check, we now will attack the problem that the chemicals will then help balance out.

Algae can be your pools biggest problem this is why a thorough brush is critical for prevention. Brushing thoroughly disrupts build up on stairs and other surfaces that you commonly see algae on. Do not worry, our pool pro’s do not miss a spot!

After we finishing brushing it is time to finalize the process by cleaning the cartridges in your pool filter if necessary. Once we do this we will do a final check to make sure we do not leave your pool the way we found it except it will be spotless now!

Our professionals will leave notes in our system for you, to describe the process we went through as well as any chemicals we may have added to your pool.

Get the most out of your pool and contact the Green Army Pool Division today to make your pool cleaning problems a thing of the past!

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