New Year’s Tips for the Best 2021 | Lessons Learned

December 30, 2020

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A Year in Review

2020 has certainly challenged us in many ways whether it be with work, school, health, or mental health. COVID-19 has put us in a new world that we must adapt to and overcome its adversities. The current pandemic puts many of us in strange circumstances for the future is unpredictable. This why thinking long-term for the coming new year is very difficult as well as planning your New Year’s celebrations. Rather than putting your complete focus on the end of COVID-19, strive for manageable things under unfortunate circumstances.

The Goal

This new year will be quite different for many of us for many reasons. The basis for your new year goal setting should derive from your reflection of the past year. Sure, you can put the past all behind you… but a better understanding of the past leads to a better understanding of your future. Don’t dream big and think that things will magically return to normal once the new year begins. It will not and you must embrace that.

New Year’s 2021 Best Tips

Prioritize Yourself

The most obvious might be setting personal goals. This means prioritizing things that will better yourself. How can you do this?

  • Look back on last years mistakes
  • Look back on areas you were lacking in
  • Try something new: workout, eat better, create a routine, etc…
  • Focus on your mental health

Have a Plan!

Looking to make a pretty lofty New Year’s resolution? Spend more time on the planning side of how you can achieve whatever it is you may desire.

  • Evaluate your goal/resolution. Is it feasible?
  • Break out whatever you are trying to accomplish into a step-by-step process
  • Consider your strengths and weaknesses when planning
  • Set rewards for yourself for your accomplishments along the way

Set Short-term Goals

Setting short-term goals for yourself makes them much more obtainable and there is also more you can accomplish. Starting small can give you ease as you knock out one piece of the puzzle at a time.

  • Add something small to your daily routine
  • Have an end of the week and month goal
  • One goal at a time!
  • Stay present and in the moment

A Brighter Future

As mentioned before the future is unknown with our world and the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though we still have limitations in place, focus on bettering yourself for the future. You have the tools to own your future and be the best you. During the past year, lessons have been learned and these are lessons that can be applied to carving out a better tomorrow. Take these New Year’s tips and let us make 2021 better than expected!

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