Pool Maintenance During Freezing Temperatures

December 30, 2021

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Hi Green Army family!

With colder temperature approaching, we wanted to share some tips to prepare your pool system in the event of a freeze. 

Follow the guidelines below to keep your pool safe during freezing temperatures.

Begin this process before the water begins to freeze and all the way through until the temperatures are no longer freezing

  1. Run the pump and filter continuously. The water’s movement and constant flow makes it more difficult to freeze. If there is a variable speed pump, run it at a higher speed.
  1. Cover plumbing with blankets and/or towels as insulation to prevent freezing. If you can get to the equipment safely. 

Couple things to remember…

  • This is a great time to listen to the pump motor. If it is making any strange noises while running, this could indicate a bearing issue. Make a note and let us know by responding to this email or giving us a call. 
  • Do not use electrical heaters, electric blankets, gas heaters, or heat lamps to keep the pool pump warm. This can cause a fire. 

If you lose power during freezing weather:

  1. Make sure all equipment has been shut off and that the breakers to your equipment have also been turned off.

2. Open the air relief valve on your pool’s filter.

3. Remove the drain plugs from the front and rear headers of your pool heater. If you have a heat pump, remove those drain plugs too. (If needed) 

4. Remove the lid and drain plugs from your pump.

5. Remove the drain plugs from the filter or any other unit, such as a leaf trap, that holds water, including in-floor system water valves.

6. Put empty plastic gallon jugs in your pool to take up ice expansion and protect your pool tiles or finish from freezing weather. Make sure each jug has enough water to give it weight (but not full), so it breaks the surface of the water but is not fully submerged.  Additionally, you can use floats or anything that can absorb pressure. Place a weighted 5-gallon bucket on your steps or hanging over the edge in the pool.

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