Signs That You Have A Clogged Gutter

June 28, 2022

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Part of your regular home maintenance that is sometimes overlooked is checking your gutters for clogs and debris.  A clogged gutter can have a significant effect on your home and landscaping.

Gutter cleaning is part of the regular home maintenance routine, and most homeowners should at least complete this maintenance twice a year. 

Gutters can get clogged due to branches and twigs, roof dirt, and even a leaf in the wrong spot can result in a big clog and gutter overflow.

When you have a clogged gutter, rain water will not be able to fully flow away from your home. As a result, the water will overflow over the side of your gutters and onto your home. 

Common problems brought by clogged gutters are foundation damage, structural issues, mold and mildew, and basement floods. Repairing all of these will set you back hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

The only way to avoid these problems is to know when your gutters may be clogged and to check them every now and then. Here are a few signs that the rain gutters are clogged.

Water is Pouring Down the Gutters’ Sides

The telltale sign that the gutters are clogged and overflowing. Water will fill the already clogged gutter or downspout and the water will leak down into your wood, walls, landscaping – and, worse, onto your foundation and basement.

Plant Growth in Your Gutters

Plant growth in your gutters indicates that they are clogged as well. Soil and dirt usually builds up in your gutters, and these conditions will be enough for small trees and plants to grow.

We frequently see small forests of trees growing in gutters, most especially in areas with a lot of trees. Moss and grasses can thrive in even the tiniest amounts of soil or water.

Birds and Pests Near Your Gutters

Clogged gutters that have water, dirt and debris can provide an easy breeding site for birds, insects, and pests.

Squirrels and mice are drawn to the gutters and may build shelters in them or use them as a point of entry into your attic. Insects like wasps and mosquitoes are drawn to the murky water and can become a total nuisance while you’re trying to enjoy your backyard or outdoor spaces.

If you notice these pests in your home, reach out to the professionals who are trained and skilled in handling them.

Stain Marks on the Sides of your Gutters

Water that has overflowed leaves black stain marks on gutters. A small volume of roof glue gets stuck in the overflowing water and dries, leaving a stain. These stain marks can be removed by a professional gutter cleaning company.

Sagging Gutters

The weight of debris accumulated in your gutter will make the gutters bend & sag. Making them unable to carry water away from your home. 

If your gutters are left unchecked or cleaned for a long period of time, gravity will take its course and eventually bring the whole gutter down. A falling gutter can be very heavy, and may cause damage and injuries.

Presence of Mildew or Rust

Water damage is linked to a variety of issues, but mildew and rust are two of the most noticeable.

If you see rust or mildew on the sides or top of your home, it’s a sign that you’re getting a water problem, as a result of a clogged gutter. This is not only unsightly, but it can also be a serious concern for your house. 

Mildew and rust will add damage to your gutter system, resulting in major problems down the road.

When you find these problems, don’t dismiss them as small issues. These issues will not go away on their own, so get professional help as soon as possible.

With Green Army, You Won’t Have to Worry About Clogged Gutters.

Cleaning gutters is a time consuming and dangerous task, but there is a solution!

Green Army will take care of your gutter cleaning needs and offers a variety of other home services as well.

Our professional, insured and well-trained technicians will clear accumulated waste from your gutters, and make any necessary repairs to your downspouts. Furthermore, they often finish the job by giving the gutter system a thorough rinse to ensure that debris does not clog the spouts.

Learn more about our gutter cleaning and other home services or request a quote online or over the phone.

If you need help from a professional, our Team here at GreenArmy® is here to help!

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